Writing Projects

A list of works in progress – hopefully this will be encouragement for my Muse to get her arse in gear and finishing editing something!  Only projects over 30,000 words will be listed here (most recent at the top).

Two Friends – Contemporary M/M romance, featuring the delightful trope of the geeky gay kid who falls in love with his straight best friend. Phil is a computer programmer, Adam is a woodcarver and they’ve known each other since school. They’re now in their mid-twenties and Phil knows he’ll never have Adam and is content to have him as his closest friend. Right up until Adam kisses him and turns everything upside down.  I would greatly appreciate it if this story would somehow find a natural end.  Things keep happening and they won’t stop talking! 70K

Kaihopara – Steampunk romance with both M/M and F/M relationships.  Set two hundred years in the future, after Yellowstone’s supervolvano erupted and wiped out most of the planet.  Airship crew happens to include POCs, folks of alternate sexualities and a seriously good cook. Currently at 66k.

Windmills – Werewolf/vampire fusion, started out as an exploration of the cliches inherent in this genre and then developed feels! Anya is a cross breed, part were, part vamp, part human.  Western setting, with added dinosaurs.  But it’s a love story really.  38k.  (and no, it’s nowhere near as cracky as it sounds)

Thetis – Sci-fi F/M romance, set on a colony on a new planet that can’t use electricity.  Space pirates!  Homesteads!  Kick-ass female colonist lead who really wasn’t looking for romance with the head of the small squad of military types who accompanied them onto the new planet.  73k.

A Racing Heart – complete, 55k, submitted to Harlequin Impulse nearly nearly two years ago, made it from the slush pile to the acquiring editor in October 2013 and then I was told in an off-hand email from a freelance editor that it wasn’t what they were looking for right now.  *head/desk*  Contemporary F/M romance, involving fast cars and gardens, with a hint of scar kink.  And the obligatory gay BFF who isn’t quite the cliche he pretends to be.  This needs rewriting and resubmitting, I think.  Maybe another one to send onto Carina Press?

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  1. Jez

    You are a machine! When are we going to catch a glimpse of A Racing Heart?

    • A Racing Heart would probably get ripped to shreds because it is just pure fluff and trashy romance trope. 🙂 I should probably find someone to email about that and see where it’s ended up.

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