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Bad mother

Just scared the living daylights out of DDs 2 and 3. Kicked their door open and it banged off the wall with an almighty crash, then proceeded to bollock them soundly about being complete and utter idiots when getting ready for bed. They’re 8 and 9. They should not need me there in the room telling them to put their dirty things in the laundry, their jeans on the dresser to wear again tomorrow, to put their pyjamas on and stop bloody god-damned fricking well messing around and squealing like stupid idiotic toddlers. DH is out doing house stuff and I’m having to do bedtime on my own. So whilst doing the boy, the middle two are winding me up. I was scolding them in a reasonable voice, and damnit if they weren’t still giggling at me.

Cue Momma losing her rag and kicking the (fortunately) solid wooden door. If it had been one of the veneer ones with the egg box filling, I think my foot would have gone through it. I think it did finally register that I was more than ticked off.

So, bad mother, yeah. Grumpy, grouchy mother, which is sad because I was actually in a good mood until I had to do something with those bloody lot. Still, they’re all in bed tomorrow at 7pm, and if we have a repeat, it’ll be 6.30 on Sunday night. Hopefully it’ll sink in before they’re going to bed after lunch!!

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