I write a mix of action, adventure, sci-fi and steampunk, all with a healthy dollop of unconventional romance thrown in.  I have four children, nine chickens, two dogs and live in perpetual chaos.  I’m currently at Lincoln University one day a week doing an MA in Creative Writing.  Have a look in my links bar to the side to see a few fellow Lincolnites.

I’m not quite married to a man who collects vehicles like I collect books – indiscriminately.  In my spare time, I knit, garden, read voraciously, watch mindless action movies, follow XH558 and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, and have a bad habit of flailing over imaginary characters.  Marvel has a lot to answer for.

I also adore Sherlock Holmes in all his incarnations.

And Watson – don’t ever forget Watson.


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  1. Freya

    MOM! Since when did you have a website???

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