Handmade Projects

Here is where I’ll be showing off my latest creations.  Yeah, I know, how very modest of me, but I’m a great believer in art is meant to be admired, even the kind you make with sticks and string, or words, or a camera.  So expect random photographs of pretty things in amongst the three-tier birthday cakes and the endless array of hand-knit shawls.


Revontuli shawl My Revontuli shawl.  Knit in pure Estonian wool, it’s not the softest of shawls but those colours more than make up for it.  I call it my Rainbow Castle, because I cast on the first stitches whilst watching the very first episode of ABC’s Castle, and was casting it off when we watched the cliffhanger for series 3.  Now I’m waiting impatiently for season 4!




Seraphim shawlThis is a Seraphim shawl, made in the most deliciously soft Malabrigo yarn. It took a little while, as I picked it up and put it down and got sidetracked by various other projects, but then I was laid up with a slipped disc.  So I figured I needed something that was distracting, longwinded and beautifully tactile.  I cast of 80% of this whilst waiting to be taken down for surgery – saving the other 20% for when I came around after having my disc removed.  Some odd little superstitious corner of my mind didn’t want to finish it, so I had something to come back to…  yeah, blame the painkillers.  They were awesome.

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