New chapter

No pun intended, mind. But I’ve just enrolled at the University of Lincoln for an MA/postgrad in Creative Writing.

I feel a bit of a fraud, to be honest, sat here surrounded by all these beautiful young things with their whole lives ahead of them, but there’s a part of me that’s leaping up and down like a little kid. Learning stuff is ALWAYS awesome, and the fact I get to read and write, and talk about reading and writing with people who love the written word, is just too exciting to contemplate right now.

So I’m drinking coffee in this big Atrium and wondering what to do next. I might just go explore the library because there’s nothing like immersing oneself in one’s natural habitat.

Or I could just sit here and eavesdrop on the dozen fascinating conversations that are going on around me, right now. There’s so much material here, so much. People watching has got to be one of my favourite pastimes ever. 🙂


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  1. Annette seabolt

    You are my hero Kristy!!!! I am so proud of you

  2. That, sort of, makes 2 of us then. My course started last week. It’s not a degree, yet, nor is it the written word, but it’s studying – 2 yrs of web design and digital image manipulation, with some sort of accredited certificate at the end. Hugely fun.
    Well done, you, you’ll have a blast!

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