Updates, updates everywhere

I updated WordPress. I then updated half a dozen plugins. Installed and updated Jetpack. Updated iOS on phone and iPad. Updated Sage.

If only I could update my brain so easily. Gah.

I’m also still trying to track down my manuscript. It was submitted to Harper Impulse last May. I got an email in October saying it had been sent on to the acquiring editor, and that was the last I’ve heard of anything. I really need to know what’s happened to it – whether it’s been cast off onto the discard pile, passed on for further reading or lost to a spam folder or accidental delete button. Sounds stupid, but those are my words out there. The manuscript’s original name was that of its lead male character, Corin, and I still think of it as that. Corin is out there somewhere, lurking in an inbox or junk pile and I want him back.

Whether I get him back in order to tuck him away regretfully into the ‘I tried’ file, or to wave him around in delight at the much-awaited ‘yes’, remains to be seen.

I just need that update.

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