Sporadic update

The woodburner is going full pelt, candles either side on the hearth adding a flicking light to the intense orange glow coming through the glazed doors of the cast iron monster.  On the aging rug which is pockmarked with a morse code of cinder burns lies the lurcher pup, nine months old and all sharp angles and wayward tufts of grey-black fur.  The room smells of wood smoke and cinnamon scented candles.

It’s quiet too, a rarity in this house.  The children are all upstairs, either doing homework or watching a video in the common room.  Yes, we have a video player and it’s used with much glee by the smalls – they think it’s the neatest thing ever which is amusing.  There are DVDs up there too, but at the moment, a Disney video of some description, snaffled from a charity shop at the seaside, is the favourite.

Down here, I have rice bubbling away in the rice cooker – a present to myself that might well be going back to the store as it has a tendency to burn the bottom half inch of rice into a solid, lightly browned mass before it switches itself off.  Not acceptable in this house, by any stretch of the imagination.  Rice is skyrocketing in price, and we eat too much of it to waste about a tenth of each panful.  Regular leftovers which are thrown to the chickens are one thing – inedible foodstuffs that we have no choice but to leave are absolutely not.  Eldest made curry at school today, so the kids will all eat that with the rice, and I’ll rustle up something of a vaguely Japanese flavour once himself gets in from work.  I feel the need to cook with mirin and sake and tofu and chillis and dashi and, oh hell I need a trip to London.  The Japan Centre isn’t all that far from Baker Street and I really want a day geeking out doing Sherlockian things.

Oh look, it took me not quite three whole paragraphs to get to Holmes.  That’s pretty good considering how all things ACD are currently taking over my life.  I have even purchased a sticker to grace the back end of my lil bus that reads “I believe in Sherlock Holmes”.  No doubt I will get a serious ribbing from Those Who Don’t Understand, but I believe and feel the need to proselytise to one and all.

This is my sticker: I believe in Sherlock Holmes

I believe in Sherlock Holmes

I love http://www.redbubble.com  🙂

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