Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon Rolls (Buns) Recipe – *Tested Recipe*.

This is the recipe I used to make cinnamon buns at the weekend.  I tweaked it, as I always do, but it worked really well.  Notes are as follows:

  • Made the dough in my bread machine.  Hugely easier, kind of averaged out the flour required and threw it all together.  Came out brilliantly soft and well risen (may have added a pinch more yeast than called for…)
  • For the average English family, I would halve the recipe.  This made me 12 huge cinnamon buns – roll that dough out into a long rectangle. A 12″ square is laughable when you see the quantity of dough.  I did mine about 14″ by 20″, and cut 12 fat rolls.  Next time, if I don’t halve the dough recipe, I will make two largish rectangles and two pans of buns.
  • The filling was okay, strange not to brush with butter then sprinkle on the cinnamon, but it worked.  Next time will omit flour, melt butter and do the ordinary way.
  • Halve the recipe for the glazing, and a tablespoon of milk does the job rather than cream.

They were very tasty though, and the dough cooks up to a deliciously soft bread.  Not on any diet sheet that I’ve come across, however!!

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