Dinner and watches

Had a fabulous (late) dinner out this afternoon, once himself had finished rewiring the electrics for my ovens at the new house.  Went to the Mayflower in Austerfield and whilst we were too late for Sunday dinner, we ate off the regular menu instead.  Absolutely gorgeous it was too.  DD3 and DS had the kids’ steak and ale pie, DD2 had a child’s portion of thai curry and DD1 had the adult’s chicken caeser salad.  DH had the mixed grill – no surprise there – and I had slow roast saddleback belly pork with mustard mash and cabbage in a gorgeous cider gravy.  OMG I am so full.  All the food was excellent, and the portion sizes are on the generous side of perfect.

Of course, it may have been better had himself not pulled his back shifting a cast iron bath from a neighbour’s house into the new garden.  Not entirely sure what I’m going to plant in it, but I’m sure I’ll think of something.

DD1 (who I think we’ll go back to calling Myf as that was what she was known as on the previous blog, and it’s so much nicer to use a proper name than DDx) asked me before she went to bed if I had a watch like my cousin.  After a moment’s thought, I realised she meant a pocket or fob watch.  Cousin has a lovely bronze coloured, steampunk effect one on her handbag and Myf asked if she could have one, because she wanted to keep it in her inside blazer pocket.  And then, when she needed to know the time she could just flip it out and look at it, instead of using her phone like everyone else.

How many twelve year olds want to use a pocket watch instead of their smart phone?  I think she is beyond awesome and forgive her for not washing up after lunch today 🙂  And yes, I’m currently looking at pocket watches on eBay…

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