Dr Who!

Well, there’s probably a plethora of blog posts that are titled such tonight, but hey, what can I say but squeeeeeeee!  Never really got into David Tenant’s doctor, but I love Matt Smith.  And the whole Melody Pond/River Song thing is twisting up nicely.

Then when you add in Torchwood (OMG, still reeling over Thursday’s episode 7), and I’m kind of surprised to find I’m watching tv on a regular basis.  I know two programs a week doesn’t really count as a couch potato, but for someone who loathes the idiot box, I’m most taken with these two series.

Oh, and did I mention Sherlock?  They’ve just finished shooting the next series (thank you Mr Mark Gatiss, via twitter) and I can’t wait for that too.  Three sterling programs, all with a common denominator.  Maybe that’s why I like them so much.

Would very much like to see Matt Smith and John Barrowman square off.  Although imagining the off screen idiocy is half of the entertainment. 🙂

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