Old blogs and new plans

Have been looking back through old blogs which, by some miracle, are still on line and readable.  It’s quite neat, actually, how that snapshot of my past is there, for anyone to see should they bother reading a blog that was last updated in 2005.  Not even I could get away with doing the ‘sorry for not posting for a while’ blog post on that one!  There are two others linked off that old homeschooling blog – a gardening one and a reading one.   The gardening one has had one post since 2008 and that was because I was going to use it as my ‘house’ blog.  Yeah right, got really far with that one.  The last one I found is the Blogsome version of Mud & Mischief, which has a couple of adorable pictures of my little boy, who now isn’t quite so little.   Bless.

The extension is up to the eaves of the original house, which is exciting.  Heavy rain forecast for tomorrow which isn’t so good.  Then it’s bank holiday and the delays are really starting to chafe now.  Roof trusses arrive in a fortnight – two bloody weeks!!  *head/desk

However, they’ve got a ton of stuff to do inside, not least start on the rear dormer windows, so at least we should still be making progress.  Hoping to get the windows in the south side so we can finish my music/library/sitting room.  Still don’t know what to call it – the architect put it on the plans as music room, which is quite twee.   Here, have a nice big picture of the downstairs.  The original stuff is on the right, the dark heavy grey outlined bit is the extension – dining room, study and garage.


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  1. Tim

    You know, you could do a salvage and recovery job on these old blogs and import them into this one. Better to have a copy in your own hands – Blogsome is truly awful to export/backup though.

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