Day out.

Today I had an extra child, DD3’s school friend, so I decided to do something a little out of the ordinary. We went to the big soft play centre in town, and then, oh-shock-horror, we went to the golden arches and I fed all five children junk food from little cardboard boxes. My kids were ecstatic. They got to ricocchet around this huge warehouse filled with dozens of other screaming kids, climbing dayglo padded monkey bars and leaping around with complete abandon. I don’t think I even once said ‘shush’ to any of them. They guzzled two big jugs of tap water and two jugs of squash (full of sweeteners, bleargh) and did low-level laps of the walls afterwards.

Once they began the ‘we’re starving we want pizza/toasties/chips/whatever the kid on the next table has’, I gave them all a ten minute warning. A short while later, they all put their shoes on without complaint and piled into the truck ready for lunch. The restaurant was packed but we found a table. (what, five kids and you want me to drive through? Nuh-uh) And bless them if they didn’t sit and eat beautifully, even the extra child who is an only child and thus sometimes has trouble adjusting to being one amongst many. Not a french fry was left, they tidied away all their garbage and we headed out brandishing our small, stuffed Smurfs.By all accounts, a very successful day.

Not a cheap one, though, but I think half the reason they enjoyed it so much was that it doesn’t happen very often. That’s the first McD’s we’ve had all holiday, if you don’t count the breakfast we had in the one in Bridlington at the start of the summer break. They bounced off the walls for about an hour once home, but now they’re all splat in front of Scooby Doo, eating their way through my fruit bowl. The house smells of oranges and it’s lovely.

And speaking of houses (yeah, tenuous link, I know), I got the final kitchen quote in today. We’ve had several, because I’m a touch anal like that from time to time, and the range is quite staggering. From a little under £4000 for an Ikea kitchen with appliances (2 single ovens, a 5 burner hob and a dishwasher – I have my big fridge already), to £5800 no appliances from an independent, £8000 from Magnet (with), £10,200 (with) from a very posh independent and the last one came in today at £11,800 (with) from a local family business. That last one is now working on a hopefully-substantial discount, as we’ve bought the two bathroom suites, all the bricks, blocks and plumbing materials from them and that kitchen price wasn’t done at the trade counter prices that we’ve been paying. Fingers crossed because it’s an amazing kitchen and I think I’d really like that one. Well of course I would, it’s the most expensive… *sigh*

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